• Travis Ryan


I’m like that sly, familiar acid visual that starts creeping in the corner of your vision. That little black and white, purple electric skeleton that looks oddly familiar. Like you might have seen me in a movie in your childhood. But I’m dancing to Bass-e music and making goofy movements and clicking sounds with long lanky legs, all the while flipping a top hat filled with sorcery and psilocybin balloons. Eyes bleeding hash oil and irony. With a long slender cane, for bashing bloodsuckers and thieves with. Not to cripple a man, but simply to remind him of party etiquette, and to tighten up as pocket picking and unoriginality are for small time losers.

I’m just here to guide you through the door to your true destination. An extradimensional being, placed from time to time through history in to make sure the pot is amply stirred. Keeps the mental stew churning and idea bubbles escaping to the top. Some people see me as an amiable familiar faced tall man, some see things more sinister, but the important bits are this:

I’m eternal

I've Been here for as long as people have


Am not going anywhere

Drink deeply of the poison, it only kills you if you let it. For some it makes you stronger. Clickity clackity clickity clackity Bzzzzzz. Smile my friends, you are the punch line after all.

“Me” “Strange” “Print machine”

Travis Muffhuggin Ryan


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