• Travis Ryan


The shades were closed and there as silence and nothing but breathing. How is this possible he said, the signals from above crossed his heart and legs like rose petals, he lays low and counts the seconds with the breath releasing sandstorms deep within, 1…2…3…4.. the flight begins, three jet engines are steady and strong.

speed of light, he questions, the spirit moves ahead, exiting and looking back at veins and soft flesh.

he bows his head.

"is this it" she said, her green eyes staring out the window.

"yes", he said, "this is."

Now fly with your metal and knives and guns, it doesn’t matter if they are loaded or not, the flowers are brighter when the bullets are heavier.

Walk with me, he said, a cloud developed and stains from hair and blood is water and colors the cheeks, he is ready. Breathe, he said, release the sand and dust from the skin, shining and primed more the brighter, while the panic is racing and flying around, the rose petals remain, untouched, and steaming with a fresh dew

taste and breathe

ammo, chains, and anything hard is grounded and softened into a gift.

"web spinner"

Travis Muffhuggin Ryan


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