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An intro to "Cage Chronicles"

Apprehension and excitement are how I feel about it, I’ve been fantasizing about taking these thoughts and emotions that I transferred on to paper in jail, frantically trying to rip the demons from that spot of pressure behind my eye sockets, and stitch them into sheets of paper. I sent them all away, the cover story I used was I wanted my sister to read them, or some other mindless absurdity. The content of those sheets was, vile and disgusting, as they were literally unfiltered pain written in pencil. I never really wanted to publish them, I just had a feeling that I was never getting out, and on a couple occasions, I was almost right. And writing the toxicity on legal pads, sealing them and sending them 2000 miles away was the closest thing to a geographical cure, or exorcism that I could pull off in a cell.

Now, I’m in the old spot where all of the procrastination has come full circle and its time to tangle with the beast. These writings are en-route to me right now, most likely still smelling like hopelessness, stained in blood, tears, and whatever the fuck else. The next step is to take this loose worded tiger in a cage, euthanize it, and attempt to make a stylish jacket or rug out of it, whether this is for me or you are irrelevant because we both have access. Enjoy or disdain it as you will, it will never keep me warm and fuzzy.

I’m excited to offer the peephole into hopeless depravity in the hope that maybe they don’t have to experience it first hand, or that someone who has experienced it will find closure in that they were not alone. If I’m being honest, the thing that scares me most about this endeavor, is deciphering my handwriting, as my penmanship is constantly changing and because I am no longer the tortured individual who wrote these passages it will be a challenge to figure out tone, purpose, etc.… Much like a Rorschach test, a lot will be open to interpretation, but I will do my best to type it exactly how its written.

Putting criminal activity in writing has always been against my personal policy, but policies are made to be amended, and this will by far be the most “raw” project I’ve ever attempted. Laugh, Cry, Learn, Scoff, judge your beautiful little hearts out because starting this week comes the Castaway type journey of letting my paper version of “Wilson” float off into the universe for the next man to find.

“Ramble on” “cage correspondent” “honest criminal”

Travis Muffhuggin Ryan


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