• Travis Ryan

Ant Farm Regrets

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

With her it was painfully obvious that he was supposed to cut all ties. So much damage had been done that this action might be the only way to put her or him out of there misery. What he would do to have anything be “there’s” again. Fuck, these days it would be a miracle if they even had a conversation.

It seems harder and harder to hold on to your soul mate, when the winds of each day seem to erode more and more of your soul. He had lied, He had cheated, He had stolen. Did those indiscretions alone condemn him to a life time of loneliness and confusion? Does it mean his genes should be permanently erased from the pool? No redo? If he could go back, he wouldn’t have changed anything. But he might have avoided her completely, ignorance is bliss. He was a glutton for punishment and still found himself calling her, knowing she wont answer, just to hear her deny the call. Feeling her on the other end of the line helps him get “closure”, the same way seeing happy people makes him happy, Not at all.

He couldn’t even get a phone call with anyone who wasn’t sharing the same blood that he raged against everyday for being inferior, and weak. If he ever got the chance again, He’s never letting go. He promised the man ignoring his prayers, whoever it was will know that he Loves them. “Our purpose is to grow Love”, He had just got lost salting fields and had forgotten to plant seeds or put down roots. Never again would he ever make the same mistake again.

“Goes down Smooth” “comes up rough” “writes down words”

Travis Muffhuggin Ryan


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