• Travis Ryan

"Brave" New World

We’re a generation that will never “grow up” in the classical sense, not for lack of maturity, very much the opposite. Only simply because we grew up extremely young or were maybe born that way, were able to perceive the futility of the world provided to us by past generations, and realized that we better become comfortable in the less “adult” things in life.

Its not a negligible fact that the year my father was born, the world population hovered around the 3 billion bodies mark (rounded up by about 500 million), There was plenty of space to move around, plenty of jobs. The world was ripe and ready to be plucked by anyone with the will to reach out and grab it. The population stayed relatively steady and by the end of the 80’s was becoming crowded at around 4.5 billion people. Workers were still valued, babies were welcomed into the world with open arms, and “we are the world” was still a popular song.

1992 hits, and things begin to change at a disgustingly fast rate. You see, as the population became larger by massive leaps and bounds, all of the privileges that are parents grew up with(let me qualify this statement I don’t mean financial privileges) I mean privileges that were called “rights” when my father was coming into his own: free speech, civil liberties, societal value, right to protect yourself, free press, an effective democratic voting system, had been all but eroded away to pave the way for a new strategy. Mass population control became necessary because between 1992 and 2020 the number of humans on this rapidly spinning rock called earth soared to 8 billion people.

Space was now non-existent, jobs were at a trickle, property and resources were at a premium. Babies were welcomed into this society with a climate of fear and impending doom. The college degrees that were all but guaranteed to get you a good job in the world our parents grew up in were inflated to the point where coffee shops could require bachelors degrees to work there, and the price of a piece of paper that would cost on average $1,600.00 (full room and board) in 1965, now costs on average about $74,000.00 (not counting student loan interest) for a 4 year degree that may or may not get you a job at Starbucks.

There has never been a time since I was born that we were not in an active or hanging under the constant threat of foreign or domestic military conflict, this takes a mental toll on those who didn’t grow up in this. But to my generation, it just shaped a mindset of hopelessness, essentially, who the fuck cares about establishing yourself and putting in all you have if its most likely going to get ripped away from you by banks, law enforcement, identity theft, war, disease, or overpopulation. The last generation never had to deal with the mass importation of narcotics, sold by doctors, in an attempt to drop property values in urban communities, so people with money can claim the constantly less available housing. They were able to put trust in doctors, their family, and people in power, that they had their best interest at heart, and had limited access to facts that contradicted that.

We were born with access to every bit of information that our little scared minds had the opportunity or desire to look up and investigate. We grew up knowing the cops were thugs or worked for thugs, the wars were about money (we are de facto thugs), Politicians worked for rich thugs, AIDS was intentional, the news was fake, our teachers didn’t give a fuck and we are just crabs in a bucket, not the shiny happy leave it to beaver example that our parents were exposed to. We had seen every conceivable sexual, violent, depravity by the time we were 13, had experienced first hand overcrowding, violence, parental units with a divorce rate well over 60%, drug addiction, a shift into electronic communication, as the “old school” human communication faded into obselecance (not effective with a 8 billion human population). As the numbers climbed it was important for the system to keep themselves ever more and more militarized and to keep us less and less unified. Divide and conquer.

Our Michael Jackson was a pedophile, presidents were liars, sports stars were cheaters, priests were predators, parents were hypocrites, medicine was poison, poison was medicine, porn was passion, personal protection was evil, and sex could be fatal. We also knew that we had no support at home, we were to be seen, not heard. The generational gap was not based on age anymore, it was based on the fact that the world is so inconceivably different that not even our parents could see it. Revolutionary new thought was brushed off by past generations as childish dreams, immaturity, teenage rebellion They never had the opportunity to understand that we had experienced more than our parents had and processed more information by the time we hit our teenage years than they had up to that point.

A lifetime of trying to dull the pain before realizing that I needed to immerse myself in it to innact a phoenix like transformation into my next form, has taught me enough to understand many things. The one most relevant to this scrawl is that, our parents are the “innocents” that need to be protected, because we are the only ones who understand the full extent of this new world. We need to take the pain upon our shoulders in the hope that the shining memories of the world before the shift can be preserved in their minds. Because we will need these memories as a reference to build a new one after this ever-expanding planetary population is clipped and culled into oblivion, either naturally or at the hands of whoever stands to gain the most.

“Ether Economist” “Political Dissident” “Verbal Evolutionist”

Travis Muffhuggin Ryan


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