• Travis Ryan

Chief Concerns

The tribe was wild, and I was the Chief. Not because I was the strongest, fastest, or deadliest by a long shot. I was crowned because when fate put a target in our crosshairs to destroy or explore, I would pull the trigger. Smooth, Steady, and without a moment of hesitation. In a world full of “aimers” and Idle bodies, those who were not scared to put a plan in motion were rewarded. People like me knew that, regardless of how the cards fell, the only thing worse than death was falling backwards into the realm of wishful thinkers. Afraid to move, petrified by fear of progress.

Not just a body in a grave, no, the body was at least for a while flourishing as an ecosystem. Those poor frozen fools were more like the grave stone, cursed to watch everything change for eternity and stand still.

The very idea shook me, but also shielded me, as long as I never became one of the Lost souls, I was invincible. That is what made me a leader, Lock, Load, Aim, Fire in one smooth deliberate motion, four separate moves existing as one. If you're fast enough you can change your life, Swift enough, you could change history. Accurate enough, you could change the entire universe.

“Armed and Dangerous” “handstyle artist” “Born King”

Travis Muffhuggin Ryan


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