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Coronavirus Denver Colorado (sorrynotsorry)

Political based hype, is the type of reporting that I see in the “news” these days, but I would like to add to the mix, a completely un-biased, completely un-funded first hand report from inside a government owned “halfway house” facility regarding the implementation of new CDC protocols surrounding this most recent outbreak of the most recent trending virus. I’m not the kind of writer that is going to throw an opinion on a medical topic that I know nothing about. This is just what’s happening now in Denver Colorado.

In this particular facility, the residents (inmates) are housed 6 to a room in bunk beds, where people are allowed to leave, work, go to medical appointments, personal errands in the community. I’m not worried about the actual virus, because the symptoms seem relatively minor and if that’s my fate then that’s my fate. But being inside a government facility brings another set of things to deal with.

Yesterday night, in a quiet strategic way, they started calling clients down 1 at a time and asked 2 questions,

1) “do you know what coronavirus is?”

2) “do you have somewhere you can stay for a while, like an extended furlough?”

My answers are like those to a lot of questions, “yes, and no…” but the fact that they’re asking brought up a litany of other questions that I spent the less conscious hours of the night chewing and digesting in my mind. And I think the answer to a couple is this, they’re preparing for the fact that they might have to close this government facility for decontamination, or for containment purposes. This is a big maybe, and don’t want to freak anyone out and add to the election hype. But we are a potentially high-risk population, and they can’t require the employees here or in correctional facilities to show up and expose themselves to incarcerated people. Without employees to watch them, the already over crowded facilities would have to reduce those held there. If they decided to close schools and government facilities with a high risk for infection, they would have to come up with a very creative solution on storage of some of societies favorite miscreants such as yours truly.

No official announcements have been made, as they usually aren’t until things are too fucked up to deal with effectively. But as a sort of scumbag journalist I owe it to the readers, and anyone who wants a little inside information. Just trying not to get overly excited about the incoming chaos that I was born to thrive in. But the truth of the matter is this, my generation have been expecting, if not banking on a huge war, epidemic, zombie outbreak, natural disaster. You would be hard pressed to find a person under 30 who hasn’t spent way too much time strategizing what they would do if “the walking dead” rose and went of a brain eating bender in communities near you. Our culture has prepared for complete annihilation for as long as I can remember. My purpose is starting to fall into place in a lot of areas, this one, I’m prepared for, but not excited about.

You heard it here first, the state of Colorado is already making contingency plans on where to store convicted felons in the community if and when the government decides to start shutting down schools, jails, and community corrections facilities. Trust me, you’re going to need all the help you can get if this scenario goes south.

*Also let me add, that more than half of the people in this facility have been coughing their lungs out for over a week. Hospital access is controlled by the staff, and has been severely limited recently.*

Ill continue reporting the events as they happen. Take this how you will. Be safe!

“Insider information” “Felon reporter” “conspiracy theorist”

Travis Muffhuggin Ryan


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