• Travis Ryan

Dig Deep

Updated: May 15, 2020

Toes morphing into roots and digging deep into the concrete past the pipes, wires, and dead. My fingers doing the same put me in a less than ideal warped bridge like shape as they dig to join their metatarsal brethren. A shape shifter by nature, the transformation from man to tree instantaneously doesn’t feel anymore comfortable because of practice. My ribs splay out and turn into tendrils that hungrily write towards the sun, ever wanting to photosynthesize. There is no pain, as this ability to feel such is gone, but the lack of pain is pain in itself displayed in earth shattering loss of my oldest friend. I yell out, it sounds like wind passing through my leaves. My body is condensing into dense heavy bark, as my arms now dig towards the earth’s core, corkscrewing and searching for nitrogen. "Why is this happening to me?!"

The wall of water coming towards the city was taller than even the most impressive of buildings, it moved with the self-assured force that only the truly unstoppable forces in this world can. Slow, Steady, not having to prove its power to anyone but no less powerful because of it. The city was inland hundreds of miles.

“How is this happening” “how is this happening” the panic would have condensed into hyperventilation and sweat, but my lungs were now splayed outside of my chest in great unbloomed buds, alveoli winding into tight coils of flowers to be. The wall of water was still coming.

“Run you’ll drown!” I screamed silently at everyone around, staring idly at their phones.

They continued on, I tried screaming and weeping but the tears just absorbed back into my body and turned into thorns that protruded from my face, the last thought going through my mind is to dig deeper, deeper, deeper. After that human thought ceased all together as the wave crashed down. Silence.

As the flood water settled from a chaotic wall of aqua death into a flat mirrored sheet of glassy calm where the city had been, sun beating down on the ruins of a temple of human “permanence” Nothing remained but the sheen glittering across the new ocean of emptiness and untapped potential. The only thing visible in the middle of this expanse of water is a peculiar green vine stretching towards the sun. The vine splits and expands into a beautiful red and purple orchid, splaying its petals and thorns outwards, a gentle breeze drying its feathery extremities one at a time as they settle into the new reality of chaos converted into peace.

“How will this happen” the wind whispered across the flower’s face.

There was no response, just the droplets of dew falling slowly from the edges of its thorns making ever expanding ripples outward into the otherwise still waters. Tears for time.

Dig deep or be swept away.

“Nightmarist” “rolling stone” “astral reporter”

Travis Muffhuggin Ryan


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