• Travis Ryan

Face to Face

Everything in this world can be reconciled as just two pieces of fast moving material banging against each other at speed that would shred any moving object into splinters and puffs of inert gas, and that the proximity to other particles while in motion, only raises the chances that complete destruction will occur as their flight patterns become one unit in a single trajectory.

That these odds are not worth exploring any further.

Many believe that something is truly not worth even the sharpest molecular point of the material making up the toe being dipped into that pool, any smart person would run away from it, as if infantile words such as “smart” or “dumb” could ever come anywhere close enough to describe either the triumph or peril that are involved in such a thing.

The question is not simply about avoiding destruction.

The question is, while knowing that changing lanes to merge into the same line of movement adjacent another spinning participant of this game of unwilling inertia, is worth the juice from the inter-responsive squeeze?

The third option, and the one I see as the only choice if we were tasked with choosing our own fate, is that if we get the opportunity to cross paths with a separate and independent vehicle of inertia, we can only hope to intercept it head on, morphing into a new object on a completely new path with a completely new purpose.

No longer intended for pure destruction of another, but spinning off to the ditch of time and value floatsam, and symbolizing a kind of peace made out of pure war, creation made out of destruction, a memorial to an option outside the two status quo’s.

This third option makes about as much sense as any option considering we are forced beyond the depth of comprehension, piloting a vessel so blind that we might as well have no senses, and without the computational hardware to determine any REAL purpose.

Yes the third choice is the most chaotic, the most unlikely, and the most dangerous in terms of sanity. But I truly believe that it is this option, the only path outside of the norm, the true amalgamation of destruction and creation into one that stands alone outside of "society's" own hilarious constantly changing book of “rules”, as if telling a bullet to use its inside voice is even worth the breath.

This third option, is Love, and should be taken, regardless of peril, in spite of peril, welcoming of peril.

Love is the one true controlling factor we have. Grow it, and merge with it.

May you all end up as crumpled junk, as desolate refuse, discarded molecular slag, but end up there holding onto the one you Love, and there is no such thing as "death,end,finish, or failure."

Only Love.

"Projectile of punk poetics"

Travis Ryan


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