• Travis Ryan

High Gravity

Would you waste this chance? If the words were jumping out of you like spring troUt in the stream of life, would you take the opportunity or let complacency for fate take hold of the water and turn it into a stagnant pool, choked with algae and mold?

The words will still float to the top belly up, but is belly up the tone you’re looking for when the world requires you to be nothing except ten toes down? Roots planted, are roots wasted. Wiggle the digits, test the chains, see how much give you can achieve and how much purchase you can acquire.

This is considered the “jumping off point” which is tricky terminology when the right move is to stay safely on the edge and fully consider the pros and cons of your actions and decisions. The simple decision to lean forward, and keep leaning forward until the choice is made by the great and wonderful god of gravity, the only option with plausible deniability. Could it be the case that our first choice in this planet was leaving everything we’ve ever known behind? The womb was simple and safe, serenity incarnate. The womb was also restrictive and holding us back from ever being an “us”.

Down the chute we went as the decision was made for us exposing us for the first time to everything, including our friend gravity. Does it not make sense to lean away from the one cradling us in a tight circle now? To lash out at gravity in angry defiance to such restrictions, is true freedom. The energy that makes us up is not controlled by abstract forces like gravity, depending on who you choose to believe it may or may not be controlled at all. Giving gravity the sanctity and respect to make the decision to release your essence is the only suitable choice.

Try to fly, not always physically, mentally soar. It’s ironic how scientist will glide 30,000 feet in the air to a conference for the sole purpose of delivering a speech about how the human form can not achieve flight... the human form is both the most ill suited vessel for this planet and also sentient enough to defy every scientific concept that’s ever been hypothesized with success. It is possible to dissipate into a mist or an lose and reform on the other side, wherever that is, but you must try to fly.

“Flightless albatross” “penguin of perception” “pointless poet”

Travis Muhhfuggin Ryan


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