• Travis Ryan

Purple Beams

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

When the words are all wrong, and this pace is long gone, will you pack your bags and move on?

Rhythm guitar has always been one of my favorite musical sounds, when I hear it through the speakers, I get very clear visual of purple beams flying off each string to accompany the beats from the drums.

Hip swinging dance has always been one of my favorite movement-based actions, when I see it in accompaniment to the rhythm guitar and drums its like purple beams fly off the dancer’s feet, and leave tracers to the floor.

Shoe shuffling chemistry has always been one of my favorite lust-based forces, When I feel it its like purple beams are coming from your and mine eyes and touching in the middle and sparking like downed power lines.

Whiskey on your breath has always been one of my favorite freedom-based smells, When I smell it I can almost see purple beams flying from your veins into the wind and swirling around us like pure chaos in motion.

Your lips have always been my favorite Love-based flavor, When I taste them its like the two of us change entirely from two purple beams and meld together before exploding into a million purple flashes of light in the dark.

Was all this just a summer dream? How I mourn the loss of sleeping in the sun, no stress, no pain, no end.


Travis Muffhuggin Ryan


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