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Queen Self-Sabotage (Negative energy)

Queen Self-Sabotage

Negative energy.

Created by fear, indulged in worry and Amplified with regret.

A self fulfilling prophecy

That only you can direct.

The horrific tragedy,

Beautifully laid out,

Scribbled with emotion,

Vandalized by our past.

All written in the ink from our pen.

We second guess,

Only to see there is no right answer,

Yet still get stuck, hung up, & amused

We let the obsession oversea faith

All over “what if”

This game is rigged.

We win by loosing,

We avoid the possibility,

We feel the need to rationalize

As if we are terrified of potential.

We are the biggest obstacle to achieving our dreams,

But the key to do so is actually closer than it seems.

We dig through our baggage,

In search for this key.

Only to let it swallow who we were truly meant to be.

There is stability in self destruction.

A way of prolonging emotions

As we escape from reality,

To the very dimensions

That we believe exist.

There is no hiding here, my dear.

It will eat you alive,

It will tear up your soul.

Betraying our very nature,

Mocking our self awareness.

This game we play, requires boldness

It thrives with audacity,

Raw talent that comes from within

The ability to risk failure without promise.

And relying on luck even when cursed.

We dedicate our lives to this moral annihilation.

Only to form a pattern

One that stems from a conflict in our beliefs,

Blossoms with fear,

And dies when we accept the challenge.

When we trip over the future,

We tend to fall into a sea of trepidation.

Who’s powers are unforgivable.

Drowning us from the truth,

Robbing us of our dreams.

Completely oblivious and utterly distracted.

We fall down the rabbit hole.

Rock bottom becomes peculiarly accustomed.

We go mad reflecting on how we got there,

Instead of putting that rare explosive power into finding a way out.

One day at a time,

In this moment,

In this rhyme,

I surrender.

"Gifted degenerate" "Trap queen"

-Miranda Eakins


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