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Queen Self-Sabotage (Positive energy)

Queen Self-Sabotage

Positive energy,

Created with love, indulged in inspiration and amplified with precious memories.

An enchanting legacy

A dream only we create.

An allusive fantasy

Uniquely designed

Overflowing with depth and perplexity

Highlighted by our accomplishments

All from the empowering light in our soul

A feeling of sheer importance,

As if glitter ran through our veins

Removing all character defects

Just for a moment

One that lasts a lifetime

The game is strategic

It’s about playing a poor hand well instead of the pure luck of the draw

The overwhelming feeling of adrenaline

Risking it all

We dive into the universe

Slowly peeling back the very layers of existence

We lay among the stars

And get lost in their hypnotic dance

There is empathy to every thought

A state of expanded consciousness

A way of accepting change

Embracing insight

Imagining the unimaginable

This game we play requires imperfection

It thrives on mystification

Rare talent that comes from within

The ability to speak the truth

And relying on instinct when overwhelmed with fear

We dedicate our lives to this mental fixation

Only to form a bond

One that stems from enlightenment,

Blossoms with success,

And dies when given up on.

When we focus on existence

We tend to dissipate into everlasting possibilities,

Stimulating the body

Grabbing from the corners of our mind

Blissfully lost and simultaneously dedicated

We let our map unfold

We watch our dreams prosper

We get high off accomplishment

Instead of burning away with the flames of fear and doubt.

One day at a time

In this moment

In this rhyme

I will try.

"Chiraq Poet" "Verbal survivalist" " Opiate addict"

-Miranda Eakins


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