• Travis Ryan

The Touch of Madness

My dreams pierce the sky and it is always raining stardust,

We are just unaware of floating in space

The hollow is dug from searing spasms of buzzing and I've wanted to scream

I then feel my human hood and I then laugh at almost fucking anything.

Such pain brings a laughter and demeanor that rarely anyone else has

We tolerate more

I am so dumbfounded as at the end of the day

How much fucking bullshit and loose-leaf ignorance comes my way

The brain is fluid

Radiohead got it right

Where is my mind

I used to observe my brain juices run across my corneas like an acid trip.

How much more fucking clear can you get?

I feel sorry for those who claim to have seen these amazing truths just to flavor themselves

I died half-way and it broke

It broke

The next twelve years of my life were of the lessons of death and so I've learned about my life.

Brain juice and death

Everything else is funny

Don't joke, because you have something to offer

You, who have seen the truth that others only dream about, of which we die of seeking when we already have that power through the malady itself.

It is so easy to pass from this world to the next

Funny thing is.... we've seen it so we'd better stay alive

Why? I still don't know...

Maybe to lead the sheep.

See you on the flip side.

"Agent of Ascension" "Poet professional"

Travis Muffhuggin Ryan


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